Very-large-scale integration is the process of creating an integrated circuit by combining millions of transistors into a single chip for specific application. This course covers Custom Analog, Digital and Mixed-Signal layout skills. Layout Design starts generally with a schematic of the circuit design and involves custom layout using EDA tools.

Course deals with fundamentals of CMOS devices, second order effects, device matching, PAE, double patterning concepts, RC Extraction, layout guidelines, shielding, Physical verification and related topics. Also involves optionally layout design of one of the IPs  such as BGR/PLL/ADC/opamp.

Foundation IP’s: Memories, IO, Standard Cells Module:

  • Basics of Linux.
  • Introduction to Custom Layout Design.
  • Basics of RC.
  • Fundamentals of CMOS.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Electronics.
  • Introduction to Layout Work Flow – Floor Planning, Placement, Routing and Layout Verification.
  • Introduction to Digital Concepts and Standard Cells Layout.
  • Introduction to IO and Memories.
  • Final Project.
  • Classroom Course:      INR 85000 (GST Excluded)
  • Online Course:              INR 75000 (GST Excluded)
  • Batch Size:                    15-20
  • Placement:                    100% Placement Assistance
  • Trainer:                           13+ Years of Industrial Experience